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Golden effervescence of Indian Saffron and sweetness of tea rose provide a regal touch to this fragrance fit for queens. The agarwood resonates well with the sensual affect of amber. The composition starts of like a melted chocolate and captures you in its wondrous swirls. It soon turns into a veil of wet silk, clinging on, embracing you in its warm smoothness. Agarwood’s sheer darkness is juxtaposed with a spice dusted tea rose, with neither overpowering the other, instead mixing and mingling like two lovers in a tight embrace. Sultana is a smooth creamy finish rustles over you like windswept satiny tresses.


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. Easy to carry around, this pack fits into the pocket without adding any bulk. Also great for carrying around in wallet or purses. You can apply it directly on clothes/skin.


Indian saffron, Tea Rose, Castoreum

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