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Rose Vanilla Candle

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Free gift worth ₹640 on orders over ₹4850. Offer ends in:

This sets the place on seduction. Any place that smells like this will make me go weak on my knees

The single biggest secret of seduction is dominating their senses with aura and aroma. Since hundreds of years, lovers have been using fragrant candles to elevate the intensity of their romantic affairs.

Inspired by this tradition of using fragrances to arouse the lover, NEESH blended Rose Vanilla candles with proven oils and aromatic compounds.

The smell of silky rose passes a titillating vibe in the air, while the base of caramelised smoke keeps it warm, mature, and authoritative.

Rose Vanilla candle is proven to elevate the pleasure of date nights, movie nights, first meeting or mere celebration of togetherness.


  • 100% Hand-made candle with hand blown, hand-cut glass (Made in India).
  • Made with grade-A soy wax
  • Longevity – 72 hours
  • Projection – Mild


Finally! First time in history, you can test the power of the perfume at our risk.

Break the seal, open the cap and TRY it.

At the end of the week, SEND IT BACK if you are willing to break-up.

We will return 100% of your money under one-week-no-questions-asked money back guarantee*

But if you do not want to break up after a week, just send your review to us at and we will share it with the world.

Rest assured, in past 6 years with over 100,000 orders, we never had a return request.


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