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Rose E Mohabatt

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Stimulating serenity and creativity, the honeysuckle’s strong aphrodisiac powers make this the perfect accompaniment for a romantic night out. The tone of Rose-e-Mohabbat as it begins to evolve on the skin is that of brightness - a chocolaty fragrance with just the hint of coffee. The uplifting, pleasantly bracing sensation is a mere prelude to what is essentially a lush, sultry blend and as it settles on the skin, the voluptuous richness of Labdanum, musk and amber takes over. This prestige blend explores the green facets of myrrh and straddles the line between a smooth rose petal, a leathery musk and a woody amber.


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. Easy to carry around, this pack fits into the pocket without adding any bulk. Also great for carrying around in wallet or purses. You can apply it directly on clothes/skin.


Honey-suckle, Rose, Chocolate, Lavender

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