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Moha Beau T

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Moha Beau-t comes infused with a spellbinding complexity of freshly picked French Rose and a musky amber. As you take a whiff, you can smell it all - the gauzy petals, the dusty rose leaves, the oriental patchouli marrying particularly successfully with the voluptuousness of French Rose, the chilly sweetness of sandalwood, and the husky tones of leather. The base layer of musk adds just the perfect hint of allure to this stunning marriage of French Rose and leather. The patchouli permeates throughout and creates an additional layer of reticence to this floral bouquet.


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. Easy to carry around, this pack fits into the pocket without adding any bulk. Also great for carrying around in wallet or purses. You can apply it directly on clothes/skin.


French Rose from South of France(Grass) Patchouli and Leather, Agarwood (Oud)

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