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Amour De Oud

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Let spring into your life with Amour-de-Oud’s fresh floral bouquet comprising of French Rose, White Lily, Honey Rose, White Jasmine, and Gardenia. The graceful green floral note is intriguingly framed with the softness of iris and the warmth of amber – a combination which lends a remarkably innovative and yet, at the same time, a nostalgia inducing vintage effect. Over time, the base notes notes resurface underneath the white petals and fresh roses and begin to lend a luminous delicacy to this exquisite floral bouquet.


Exotic long longer lasting and is free from alcohol. Comes in a roll-on vials. Unique blends make many varieties of oil that can be used both by men and women. Put a small amount in front or back of your palms and rub hands together. Now Move your hands through the clothes to transfer fragrance to them. You can also directly use the oil on your skin.


French rose, white lily, mimosa

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