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Check the notes that are carefully blended to evoke a bright, colourful persona

Creamy Jasmine

The note of creamy jasmine reflects a very alluring aroma in the air. The jasmine that is used in White Mulberry is sweet and almost has a chocolaty vibe that adds to the seductiveness of the fragrance. 

Classy Cognac

Cognac has a very classy aroma, as if you are sniffing a goblet filled with ambery water. The concoction of jasmine and cognac gives a very creamy-watery vibe to the fragrance. 

Mandarin Orange

The presence of sweet orange gives a mass-appealing character to the perfume. Mandarin orange is one of the most liked notes in perfumery and in white mulberry, it adds to the bright, colourful nature of the perfume.

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Words From Perfume Reviewers

This perfume is perfect fit for any person who goes outdoors and deals with people. I can imagine a young female flight attendant wearing this. That's because this fragrance has a combination of youthfulness and maturity. Very mass appealing and long lasting!
  • 110
  • 859
  • 1.4K
It is such a pleasure to stand beside any person who is wearing White Mulberry. One of the best unisex fragrances in my collection of 250+ fragrances and it keeps projecting for hours and lasts beyond the mark of 9 hours.
  • 110
  • 859
  • 1.4K
I would buy it even if it was sold for twice the price. Such an elegant, classy, and vibrant fragrance. I love wearing it as a man even though it is marketed towards women. Guaranteed to get you compliments!
  • 110
  • 859
  • 1.4K

3 reasons why White Mulberry is the highest sold unisex perfume in India 

  • Blended for Indian weather conditions 

    Here's the thing – the Indian weather conditions are so extreme that weak perfume die off within a couple of hours and strong perfumes become so cloying that they almost choke you. 
    After a lot of R&D, Neesh launched White Mulberry – a perfume that lasts for a long time without being overtly strong.
  • Mild yet long lasting 

    White Mulberry is a proven compliment getter. Soft, mild and mass appealing! 
    And still, it lasts 8+ hours with an application of eight sprays on skin and cloths. 
    All thanks to the fragrance-locking fixatives used in the perfume for 2 hours of added longevity.
  • Makes you that one person whom everyone loves

    While creating this perfume, Neesh had an image of a woman who is loved by everyone – from her postman to her boss. And it feels like the same personality has been distilled and bottled for the people to wear and enjoy. 
    Every time you wear White Mulberry, you will notice that people want to spend more time with you than ususal. 




Do you have any questions?

  1. 1. Is it suitable for men or women?

    White Mulberry is a unisex fragrance that is marketed towards woman. However, men who love floral fragrances can rock this. It has prominent notes of jasmine, lemon, rum, wood-apple.
  2. 2. How long does this perfume last?

    White Mulberry is blended with 25% oil concentration, which means it has a high percentage of fragrant oils. This makes it a strong, long-lasting fragrance. However, longevity of a fragrance depends upon the weather conditions, your skin chemistry and the area of application. If the weather conditions are cool and favourable, it would last 8.5+ hours with 7 sprays on neck, clothes and pulse points. 
  3. 3. I want to gift it to someone. What kind of person will it suit?

    White Mulberry is a perfect fit for people who are artistic in nature and love to travel. It has sweet, creamy, bright notes that would suit people from 16-33 years of age. Anyone with a radiant smile, who loves to wear light colours would absolutely love this aroma. 
  4. 4. Can I return the perfume if I do not like it?

    Finally! NEESH is the world's first brand to provide one week no-questions-asked money back guarantee on perfumes. If you do not like the perfume, simply send it back to us at the address written on the box. If you comply with our return policy and the product condition does not breach our Terms & Conditions policy, we will return 100% of your money under no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Rest assured, we never had a return request in the past 6 years for 100,000+ orders.

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Rest assured, in past 6 years with over 100,000 orders, we never had a return request.
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