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Check the notes that are carefully blended to create a sophisticated persona 


Finest quality white leather has been smoothly blended for a clean, warm, and sophisticated feel. The reason for using white leather instead of a rugged dark leather is to keep the class of the leather without having to add its animalic nature in the perfume.


A creamy note of sandalwood gives back to the leather for a  smooth, gentlemen vibe. 
Mysore sandalwood gives the blend a clean and soapy vibe, something that makes you smell like a rich gentleman. 


Chalky, earthy patchouli gives the blend a warm, masculine vibe. Patchouli makes you smell like a man of authority because of its earthy aroma. 
Patchouli, when blended with sandalwood and leather, gives a fresh vibe to the blending.

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Oriental Leather has won the trust of 20,000+ customers worldwide 


9 hours with an application of 7 sprays on neck, clothes and pulse points


Loud for first 2 hours and stays within an arm distance for the next 7 hours


Best suited for meetings and sophisticated events


More for a mature person, above 25 years old, whether male or female. Classified as a gentleman fragrance but a sophisticated woman can pull this off as well


A classy, clean, soapy, sophisticated fragrance that keeps improving with time. Do not judge it at first sniff. It is a luxurious fragrance that will open its characteristics as the time passes.
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  • 859
  • 1.4K
I own 4 back up bottles of this beauty. This sets gentleman apart from kids. Such a classy, high-end, sophisticated fragrance that I feel like a millionaire on a mission to make the world a better place. This is my favourite fragrance in a collection of 200+ that I have tried.
  • 110
  • 859
  • 1.4K
When I wore this fragrance my sister-in-law said that I smell like a millionaire. "Raees Mehek rahe ho," if I am to translate in Urdu. Mind that, she has sniffed me wearing over 100 fragrances and this was the first time she complimented me. Tells a lot!
  • 110
  • 859
  • 1.4K

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3 reasons why you absolutely need this in your collection

Lasts 9+ hours without being cloying
There are perfumes that lasts long but are too strong to take. There are perfumes that are mild but die down too quick. And then there is Oriental Leather that lasts and lasts without overpowering your olfactory senses.
Compliments your sopisticated persona like a black suit 
Oriental leather doesn't project like an obvious perfume. Rather, it radiates in the air as if it is you that is projecting the aroma; as if it is your skin that smells of gold. The amalgamation of leather (skin) and sandalwood (liquid gold) leaves a very rich, vibrant sillage.
Proven to make their subconcious believe that they are standing beside a wealthy man 
Oriental Leather has been blended with proven notes that smell 'macho' and still so elegant. It smells like class and money, like elegance in a bottle. 
Any man who goes in high-end gatherings needs this in his collection to make a statement about himself. 

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