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White Mulberry EDP

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Radiance is the main feature of the White Mulberry as Jasmine, Lemon and Bergamot mingle to create an exquisite aroma – a forever fragrance of classic florals enriched with a wonderfully sweet undertone.  The White Mulberry is a free-spirited adventure, celebrating the exotic jasmine’s rarity and exuberance, transporting one to the land of fairies and spirits. A lush white bouquet of wondrous fragrances coming together to create an impression that lasts long after you’ve even forgotten applying this beauty, it lends itself to an evening out or to a day at work equally scintillatingly. 


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. This luxurious glass bottle comes with an easy spray applicator. A few sprays of the EDP on clothes/skin, applied directly, will provide desired lasting fragrance.


Ethyl Alcohol 80% V/V Denatured with 1% diethyl phthalate, perfume, cremophor RH 60, D. I. water

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