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Oud E Khaas

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So pure, so fresh, so clandestine… There’s something truly special about the Oud-e-Khaas! The top note of saffron shines through the woody amber and musk to create an effect that lasts long after the wearer has passed you by. This fragrance is not made to be forgotten easily. It lingers and holds on to dear life with all its wooded glory. The patchouli marries the scents of the world to create a long-lasting embrace. Luxury in a bottle, the Oud-e-Khaas is for all those extra special occasions.


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. Easy to carry around, this pack fits into the pocket without adding any bulk. Also great for carrying around in wallet or purses. You can apply it directly on clothes/skin.


Sharp Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron Note,Oud

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