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Attar E Nazakat

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If you’ve ever come across an antique treasure chest, you’ve met Attar-e-Nazakat. This baby is not recognized immediately, and has a woody dry fragrance of agarwood that permeates just about everything, a little coy and understated, but easily discovered. Its beauty borders on the tangible and intangible. It is not just one thing or another, but a magnificent marriage of agarwood, dry amber, honey, musk, castoreum – all of them brought in and hold tight by the ever-so-wonderful patchouli. Attar-e-Nazakat is not just an evening fragrance. It’s a lot more! You want to hold it tight and keep it close, all day long.


Exotic long longer lasting and is free from alcohol. Comes in a roll-on vials. Unique blends make many varieties of oil that can be used both by men and women. Put a small amount in front or back of your palms and rub hands together. Now Move your hands through the clothes to transfer fragrance to them. You can also directly use the oil on your skin.


Arabian agarwood, Dry honey, Patchouly

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