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Rose Vanilla EDP

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Product Description

Rich. Warm. Sensual.

What started off as an idea to capture the warmth and comfort that’s felt upon resting head on a loved one’s lap, has taken the face of an opulent fragrance that goes for strong and sensual personalities.

Highest quality rose petal oil has been blended masterfully with the creamy warmth of vanilla with just enough woods and musk to give it a rich, warm, mature character.                                                              

Just a few sprays of Rose vanilla can set you ready to turn heads of the people you pass for the next 10-12 hours.



  • Can last for 10-12 hours with an application of 7 sprays on neck, cloths and pulse points.
  • Comes in thick glass bottle with a golden zinc plate, presented in a luxurious silk-bed packaging.
  • Suitable for both women and men.

Launched in Eau De Parfum concentration so it could last for a longer time, without being too overpowering for others.


Rose, Vanilla, Woods & Musk

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