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Oriental Leather EDP

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Spices folded into patchouli and sandalwood, reminiscent of old libraries, of aged books, of antiquated accessories, the Oriental Leather is an easy-on-the-senses scent that builds as it stays. Underscored by jasmine, a cloud of cedarwood settles upon the base of elegant musk. The Oriental Leather brings back memories of a time gone by, with its wonderfully pepperous musk undertones. As time goes by, the rich amberous musk with its delicate elegance takes over, akin to throwing over a red silk over a lamp as it embraces you in all its rich hues.


An exclusive Eau De Parfum with long lasting characteristics. This luxurious glass bottle comes with an easy spray applicator. A few sprays of the EDP on clothes/skin, applied directly, will provide desired lasting fragrance.


Ethyl Alcohol 80% V/V Denatured with 1% diethyl phthalate, perfume, cremophor RH 60, D. I. water

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