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Scented Candles

Scented Candles

NEESH candles are 100% handmade from hand-cut, hand-blown glass. High quality soy wax has been infused with luxury perfume oils to project a mood changing aroma in your space.
Longevity - 70 hours.

A home that smells good is 2x more attractive than a home that just looks good. It has been rightly said that an aromatic place attracts prosperity. That is why we, at Neesh, have grown our aromatic ecosystem and introduced scented candles for sale.

Buy scented candles online at Neesh for an unforgettable experience. These candles are 100% hand-made, manufactured with hand-cut, hand blown glass.

When you buy fragrance candles online at Neesh, you get an exquisite hand-cut glass jar, firmly housing premium grade soy-wax that is infused with fragrant oils to such a high concentration that the room gets filled with an exotic aroma within five minutes of lighting the candle.

These candles compliment Neesh's perfume collection so that you, your house, and your body essentials smell alike. This creates an unforgettable identity for you, something for which you will be remembered for years.

We understand your desires when you come to buy scented candles online. You need a candle that -

  • Looks so good that you can light it in the guest room and present it as a piece of art
  • Smells so premium that people wonder how you manage to keep your place smelling so good all the time
  • Burns for a longer period of time

Our creamy, scented candles are what you need when you come home after a long day of work. These candles create a zen environment for you to loosen up. Light up Neesh candles before you practice meditation or yoga and it will shut out all the distraction and enhance your meditation power through aromatherapy.