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The only perfume focused aftershaves in India are now available for sale. NEESH aftershaves are fragrant and come with a sprayer so you do not have to touch the micro cuts on your skin – which is very prone to bacterial infections. NEESH aftershaves are best paired with soaps and perfumes of the same aroma.

Looking sharp and staying groomed is not self importance; it is self respect. Imagine walking out of the shower with a freshly shaved beard, spritzed with just a little masculine aftershave that just isn’t disinfecting your skin but also making you smell like a man of class and hygiene.

But the question is, which is the best aftershave for men and what makes it suitable for you?

Answer this – when you go to buy mens aftershave online what is that one thing you are looking for?

Is it the aroma? The quality of the aftershave to disinfect your face without stinging like ants? Or is it because your face dries up too bad after the shave and you want to hydrate it with a high quality lotion?

If you have picked all three of the above, you are the person we have made this luxury aftershave line for.

Neesh aftershaves have been voted (2021) as one of the top men’s aftershave in India. Why? Because of these four simple reasons.

  • Neesh aftershaves come in a spritz atomiser (sprayer) so you do not have to touch your face with your hand at the time when there are so many micro-cuts on the face.
  • Neesh is the only fragrance based aftershave brand in the market which adds to the experience of applying an aftershave.
  • Neesh aftershaves are made with a patent formula that disinfects your face without stinging like you have been set to fire.
  • The patented Hydro-lock formula locks the hydration in the shaved area, preventing the skin from drying and looking like a desert.

Best aftershave for men isn’t just a magical product that will work for all. That kind of thing only exists in fiction. The top men’s aftershave differs from person to person, depending upon their skin type, environment and quality of shave.

But if you buy mens aftershave online, expecting something that will make you smell like you just applied a luxury fragrance, while disinfecting your skin and locking the hydration as a back process, Neesh aftershave is the perfect match for you.

We understand that shaving isn't just a necessity. Rather, shaving is an experience for men. And when we developed this product, we tried all the top men's aftershave of that time and realised that every product added to the necessity of shaving but not to the experience. And that forced us to think that what the best aftershave for men would look like. But as we mentioned above, there is no such thing as best aftershave for men. It differs from person to person.

So after a lot of R&D, we concluded that the market needs an aftershave that smells like a luxury fragrance, while making it so easy to use that the user doesn't have to touch his bare hands on the micro cuts of his face. As a result, we launched a range of

top men's aftershave

in Neesh.

Choose your favourite fragrance and buy mens aftershave online at Neesh right now!